Here are some pictures and reports sent from Hammer-head product users.

If you caught a nice looking fish please feel free to send in your pictures and comments.
The catch does not necessarily need to be a significant size.

This page is created with help of Hammer-head users world-wide. Your corporation is appreciated.
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@@@@@Please send your pictures in JPG file, with the approx. size being 500k bites.


3-15-11-603, Shinyashiki, Kumamoto, Japan, 862-0975


‘@East Indonesia@@@ /@AnglersGarage@@

‘@Alor Indonesia@@@@/@AnglersGarage

‘@Sri Lanka@@@@@@@/@Saltywatertackle@@

‘@Malaysia @@@@@@@/@AnglersGarage@@

‘@Kerama Okinawa@@/@@Mrs Sakurai@

‘@Hirosima @@@@@@ /@ Mr Maenisi@

‘@Okinawa@@@@@@@/ @Mr Kyuki@

‘@Miyako Okinawa@@ /@@Mr sakairi@

‘@Kerama Okinawa@@/@@Mr Ono@

‘@Bali@Indonesia@@@/@@Mr Yamanaka@

‘@Maldives@@@ @ @@/@@Mrs Popoko@


‘@South Oman@@@@ / @Ocean Active

‘@Alor@Indonesia@@@/ @Mr Makita@@

‘@Tanzania@@@@@@@/@@Mr@Andrea Pellegrini@@@@

‘@Tahiti@@@@@@@@@/@@Fabio & Randy (JDM Tackle) @@

‘@Malaysia, Rompin, @/ Mr. Yamazaki@@@ Fukui,Japan@@@@

‘@Pier GT, @@@@ @@ / Jerremy @@@@@ Kumamoto,Japan@

‘@Tanegashima,@@ @ / Mr. Maeda@@@@@Kumamoto,Japan@

‘@Indonesia, @@@ @@/ Mr. Ishida@@@@@ Tokyo,Japan@@@@

‘@Tanegashima, @ @@/ Mr. Tanaka @@@@Fukuoka,Japan@@

‘@Pier GT@@@@@@@ / Mr. Ine @@@@@@ Fukuoka,Japan@ @

‘@New caledonia@@@/David of "Le Poisson-Banane"@

‘@PALAU@@@@@@@ /@Mr. Sikanai@@@@ Kanagawa.Japan

‘@KOMODO@@@@@ /@ Mr. Yamazaki@@@Fukui.Japan

‘@Okinawa@@@ @@@/@Mr. Kaya@@@ @@ Hirosima.Japan @

‘@Okinawa@@@ @@@/@Mr. Jyumonji@@@ Okinawa.Japan@

‘@Maldives@@@ @@@/@Mr. Matsubara@@@Ehime.Japan@@

‘@Kouchi@@@ @@@@/@Mr. Yamazaki@@@ Fukui.Japan

‘@Amakusa@@@@@@/@@Mr. Jerremy @@@Kumamoto.Japan

‘@Tokara@@@@@@@/@@Mr. Takahashi @@ Fukushima.Japan

‘@Shore GT@@@@@/@@Mr. Jerremy @@@ Kumamoto.Japan

‘@Kerama@@@@@@@/@@Mr. Jyumonji@@@Okinawa.Japan

‘@Okinawa@@@ @@@/@@Mr. Katou@@@ @ Aichi.Japan

‘@Kerama@@@@@@@/@@Ms. Ogidou@@@@Okinawa.Japan

‘@Yonaguni@@@@@@/@@Mr. Koganezawa@ Tokyo.Japan

‘@Amami Islands@@@/@@Mr. Mizumukai@@ Gifu.Japan

‘@Amami Islands@@@/@@Mr. Hanada@@@@ Fukuoka.Japan

‘@Komodo Islands@@/@@Mr. Nishino@@@@Japan

‘@Komodo Islands@@/@@Mr. Yagi@@@@@@Osaka.Japan

‘@Maldives Islands@ /@@Mr. Jerremy@@@@Kumamoto.Japan

‘@Amakusa@@@@@@/@@Mr. Jerremy@@@@Kumamoto.Japan

‘@Komodo Islands@@/@@Mr. Isida@@@@@@Tokyo.Japan

‘@Komodo Islands@@/@@Mr. Sikanai@@@@ Kanagawa.Japan

‘@Komodo Islands@@/@Mr. Nisimura @ @@ Kyoto.Japan

‘@Miyako Islands@@ / @Mr. Hiraoka@ @ @@Saitama.Japan

‘@Kume@islands@ @/@ Mr. Sakota @ @@ @Osaka,Japan

‘@Okinawa@@@ @ @/@ Mr. Nishi @@@ @@ Okinawa,Japan

‘@Tokara islands @ /@ Mr. Sugiyama @@ @Aichi,Japan

‘@Okinawa@@@@ @ /@ Mr. Tanaka @@@@ Aichi,Japan

‘@Komodo islands @/@ Mr. Nakayama @@ Kagawa,Japan

‘@Komodo islands @/@ Mr. Takao @ @@ @Okayama,Japan

‘@Tokara@islands @/@ Mr. Sugiyama @ @ Aichi,Japan

‘@Komodo islands @/@ Mr. Watabe @ @@ Gifu,Japan

Okinawa@@@ @ @/@ Mr. Suga @@@ @@Tokyo,Japan

‘@Tokara@islands @/@ Mr. Isida @@@@ @ Tokyo,Japan

‘@Komodo islands@/@ Mr. Yagi @@@@ @ Okinawa,Japan

‘@Maldives Islands. / @Mr. Kato@@@@ @ Aichi,Japan

‘@Komodo islands@/@ Mr. Anzai @@ @@@Kanagawa,Japan

‘@Komodo islands@/@ Mr. Yamasita @ @@Kumamoto,Japan

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