@Komodo island Indonesia / Mr.Anzai@@( Kanagawa,Japan )

I went GT fishing to Komodo island Indonesia from the 23rd to 30th November.
My impression of Komodo island was that the current was very fast and varied with some currents actually rising, filled with life.
When actually fishing, it seemed that GTs would bite where ever you castccc
but fishing is not that simple and will not produce results casting anywhere..

One must read the currents well, cast where the GTs will be located, and give the lure plenty of action to produce bites from the GTs (having said that, it was still a considerable number of bits compared to GT fishing in Japan).
During this fishing trip to the Komodo islands, I used Hammer-head lures and could see an obvious difference in results compared to other lures!! When I think of the reasons why, I decided it was due to the fact that the Hammer-head lures sticks to the surface even in the fast currents of Komodo without flying out of the surface. This could be seen even with my timing of popping being not in sink with the waves. In addition, when I maneuver my rod, the lure response is great with movement as I intended to. I also felt that it did not have a significant heavy pulling feeling and could control the lure with my own rhythm.
I have used countless GT lures in the past and felt that the strength of Hammer-head lures are balanced to perfection.
A certain lure breaks with 1 bite of a GT, and another lure looses its buoyancy and action due to over strengthening, which in turn decreases the bites from GTs. Even if it bites, as it is overly hard, the GT feels threatened and the angler cannot hookup. On the other hand, I felt that Hammer-head lures are specifically made not to threaten the GTs by using soft material, yet with color coating done to perfection for it not to fall to bits. From experience, it is by far my favorite.
During this trip, the biggest fish I personally landed was around 30kg, but the other members who were using Hammer-head lures landed 40 to 50kg GTs with even bigger ones attacking the lures.
It looks like the Hammer-head concept of targeting BIG GTs is not wrong.

For the 2004 domestic GT season, I will be using Hammer-head lures again hoping to catch that BIG GT. The lure does give me hope.



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