@Maldives Island. / Mr.Kato@( Aichi,Japan )

Dear Hammer-head

My name is Kato. I went to the Maldives from the 18th to the 26thJan.
I have been fishing with Mr. Okubo every year at Alaska, Tokara, Bali, and the Maldives.
I went to the Maldives last year and have been hooked ever since and here we are again.
As I am getting old, I do not prefer large GTs, but in the Maldives I can enjoy fishing for numbers and enjoy it very much.
I had been wanting Hammer-head lures for a while and appreciate you sending me the ordered lures prior to my departure.
Everyday 10kg~30kg size fish was constantly landed. However, on the
2nd day, the other 4 members seemed to be landing GTs, but I could not.
About 12~15 GTs would attack my lure but I could not hook up.

Come 4pm in the afternoon, I started casting my secret weapon, the Hammer-head lure.
I could not believe it, but the first cast with the Hammer-head lure produced a fish.
This was followed by 4 more GTs in a short period of time.
I was kicking my self for not casting the Hammer-head lure from the morning.

The lure seemed to have a great flight position when casting with great action in the water.
It also has great strong yet soft color coating with surprising strength and durability. This must have something to do with the quality of the material used?
The Hammer-head lure produced results the following day as well.
It would be great if you could create a lighter 100~150g swimmer and popper.
I wish you best of luck in your continued manufacturing of quality lures.


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