@Komodo island Indonesia / Mr.Watabe@@( Gifu,Japan )

Dear Hammer-head

I started GT fishing this year, and had not managed to catch a GT yet.
I went to Komodo in hopes for landing my first GT.

I felt that the currents in Komodo gushed like a river and would be a difficult field to control the lure. But to my surprise, the Hammer-head lures appealed and moved as I had intended to even with me being a beginner in these conditions.
Thanks to the lure, I managed to catch my first GT!!

The bite, fight, and catching the GT was the first time for me, and the feeling I had when holding the GT in my hands for the first time, cannot be put to words. Furthermore, we were able to catch not only 1 but a number of GTs during our trip. It was like a dream!!
I used I-cup rocket, I-cup short, G-cup, and the popping pencil during my trip and I felt that it all was easy for me to handle with great appeal, strength even after landing a number of fish, and total balance.
In addition, each has its own character and can select different lures for different situations, resulting in improved numbers of GTs caught.

I am hoping to catch a bigger GT in Japan and feel that this lure will make me realize this dream.


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