@Tokara Islands / Mr.Sugiyama@( Aichi,Japan )

Thank you for all your support!!
I would like to write up a brief report of my trip to Tokara this year.
I joined the Tokara GT Special tour from the 13th to 15th Sep 2004.
During this trip, the fish seemed to be very inactive and the overall conditions not good.
However, in the afternoon of the second day, the long awaited GT attacked my lure.
The lure in question was the I-cup rocket Low-light orange color.
I had wanted this lure for a long time and when ever I saw some other person using it,
I used to be saying under my voice gI want that lureh.

I enquire and managed to persuade Hammer-head lures to provide me with the color I had wanted for so long, and used it as soon as I got it.
I believe that the Low-light orange color is a great color to appeal to the fish during dusk and dawn.
I will keep using this lure in the future as well. Thank you very much!


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