@Tokara Islands / Mr.Sugiyama@( Aichi,Japan )

GT 52kg

Dear Hammer-head

Thank you always for your support.
Following last years tour, I was able to join the Tokara GT Special tour on the Marine Challenger cruiser from the 16th May for 3 days.
In the afternoon of the first day, the long awaited first bite!! 26.5 kg GT landed.
The lure was the G-cup Low-light orange.
This has by now become my super favorite lure and all the fish caught during this trip was with this lure.
33.5kg the next morning , and 16kg GT caught late in the afternoon.
To top it off, a 52kg GT landed in the morning of the final day!! The G-cup has unbelievable potential!!
This just made me like it more and will be sure to keep using it!!
Thanks again!


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