@@Okinawa / Mr.Nishi@@( Okinawa,Japan )

Dear Hammer-head,

Recently here in Okinawa, I heard that the GTs are becoming more active and I decided to take the opportunity.
I started casting my favorite Low-light Orange color popping pencil at a great location, when the sun was on the way up.
On the 2nd cast, gBangh the GT attacked my lure but it was a mis-bitec.. With out losing my head, I let the lure dive under the water again and allure the GT, then gBangh again!! It was a 24kg GT.
The popping pencil is an easy lure to reel in with great water bubbling. With the float at the rear, I believe it gives an interesting movement with a sliding effect to the side.
As I tend to prefer large lures toward that road to the BIG ONE, I will continue my endeavor to try to catch a bigger one to be able to write another report.
Thank you very much!!


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