@Kume Islands / Mr.Sakota@( Osaka,Japan )

Dear Hammer-head

I went to Kume Islands in Okinawa from the 22nd to 25th May.
Our target was initially Yellow-fin tunafscc but with the slow current, the fish were very inactive, and could only catch small Yellow-fins.
We soon give up our hopes jigging for large Yellow-fin and try our luck with the Top water lures.
Although the Yellow-fins presence were not there, through my TALEX polarized glasses, I spotted a school of Dolphin fish.
I immediately cast the gForb A-cuphc.. and with in a few actions, the fish was hooked up.
After approx. 5 minute fight, a 147cm Dolphin fish surfaced. The waves were between 2 to 2.5m during that day and with my limited skill popping, the A-cup lure did not jump out of the water and appealed to the fish as I had hoped for.
The season for Yellow-fin and Kingfish are around the corner for my home ground. I would like to use A-cup back home and land one from the surface.


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