@Komodo island Indonesia / Mr.Nishimura@( Kyoto,Japan )

Dear Hammer-head

It took a while to get back to you, but this is Nishimura who went to Komodo islands in June.
As I had never caught a GT, I arranged this trip to the Komodo islands to realize my dreams.
During the first 2 and a half days of our trip, owing to my mistakes, I was not able to land a fish. However, with the advice of my fishing friends, I casted the Hammer-head G-cup short, and immediately produced results. The first GT in my life was a 149cm GT!!
It was a very memorable first GT.
The G-cup short was a very easy to handle lure with great action and proper popping action even with me being a beginner, and I believe that this has influenced the out come of this fishing trip.
I would like to go GT fishing again immediately, but as I am not in such a great position to do so, I would like to order the A-cup and go casting for large Dolphin fish in my neighborhood.
Finally, I would like to thank my friends, and captain of Kizer fishing charters for valuable advice and support, and most of all, Hammer-head for providing the fishing community with such quality lures.


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