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Dear Hammer-head

I went to Komodo from the 2nd to 8th October. Although the catch was not significant,
I would like to write a brief report on my thoughts after using the Hammer-head lures during my trip. .

In short, with the 2 and a half days of fishing, I caught and released 13 GTs, bluefin-travally, and a Grouper. The lures used during this trip were Hammer-head lures, namely G-cup (cloudy black), Pencil popper (Sardine), I-cut rocket (black), and I-cup short (black).

Out of which, 13 GTs and the Grouper were all caught on 1 of the G-cup lures. On the 17th cast of the 1st day, I hooked up a nice sized GT, but unfortunately my line touched the rocks and the fish was lost along with 1 of 2, G-cup lures I had bought. I had 1 G-cup lure left, and this was the lure that produced all my fish (apart from the Bluefin-Travally).

My impression of G-cup:

After using the G-cup, I thought that it was very easy to use with great balance. I believe that depending on the tackle balance, ones impression on the G-cup may be somewhat different, however, considering the location we were fishing in, I believe the lure has the ideal settings.

For casting, with our main line being #12 connected to a 170lb+300 shock-leader, the lure weight was ideal. Although the lure being somewhat heavier than others, the weight of the lure did not effect our casting even after casting all day, and with the line being this size, unless it weighs a certain extent, we will not have been able to get sufficient casting distance.

When considering the Komodo regulations, and tackle settings, I believe that it is not wrong for me to say that this lure is made for Komodo.

Regarding the action of the lure, both upright and side ways rod work resulted in great action. For short-pumping at a distant, the rod up-right, and long-jerking after pop, the side ways rod work seemed to work great. I also believe that the balance of the lure is ideal with the lure diving after popping, and even with me over-working the rod, it did not jump out of the water or result in the line being tangled with the hooks.  

In addition, during calm seas, it seemed to product a great low-pitched popping sound, which will alluring the fish out from the depths. It was a great sound!!

On the other hand, while the sea being rough, if one times the popping and action of the lure, the lure was always in the water without jumping out, allowing for a greater chance for the GTs to feed.

I need not to say that if we time the popping and action for other lures, it will be the same. What I am trying to say is that we need not to be so careful for Hammer-head lures.

Regarding the strength, I have nothing to say!!

I had little worry about this. For other GT lures, there are cases where there is a need to change the swivels to increase the strength, however for Hammer-head lures,
I believe that there is no need what so ever to change or tune the lure parts.
(Amazingly strong!!)

Regarding the assemby of the lure, after catching 13 GTs & a Grouper from 1 lure, by the end, there was a little stretch and bending of the wire but nothing too considerable.  For color coating, some other GT lures after catching 1 GT may be subject to the coating ripping off in whole sections like a scab or eyes peeling off. However, for Hammer-head lures, despite the tooth marks from GTs which cannot be avoided, the scratches and wholes created by bites or hooks did not seem to extend to other parts of the lure like other products. The attached picture of the G-cup lure brought be 14 happinessfafter 2 and a half days of use.   

I personally have high hopes and expectations for the future of this lure, in the market where there is little availability of lures for the purpose of of catching BIG FISH!! I look forward to up-coming new products which I believe will maintain its quality and potential.

I believe the expression of gHammer-head lures produce fishh is not correct. It is a lure that can be trusted, easy to use, which in turn produces fish! The rest is up to the angler. More over, may be luck!!

Thanks again!


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