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Mr. Isida@GT 151cm

Dear Hammer-Head

From the 26th Oct to 2nd Nov, I went on my second adventure to Komodo.

On my previous trip to Komodo, I seemed to get bites from whatever lure I used and the size was not that big, so I decided to join the tour Mr. Kozo Okubo from Southtimes has organized.

With the filming of the video series gLEGENDh, Mr. Maruyama from Hammer-head was also on board and was a very fruitful trip for me.

On the first day, the currents were immobile and without getting the feel of Komodo, the second day had started. On this second day the situation was similar as the first day with little or no current movement, and we kept getting sharks attacking our lures. The atmosphere and sprites of the anglers were rock bottom, when Mr. Okubo said gthis is when the big ones are on the moveh!  We all bring our spirits back up, and as I was cast away my I-cup, a sudden explosion on the surface occurred. A BIG GT fully out of the water attacks my lure and with astonishing power disappears in to the depths.

The depth being only 12m, it was a difficult location, but managed to stop the fish on the first run. After a challenging fight, I managed to surface the GT, when I hear gBigh from the others. It was a 151cm nice proportioned GT with a fat tail base.

Beginning with my GT, there were numerous BIG GTs attacking all our Hammer-head lures, until the last day. Mr. Okubo who has visited Komodo so many times even said that he was surprised to see such a large average.

As I was troubled with the fact that there were so many low quality, yet pricy lures, I was glad to have come across Hammer-Head lures. By speaking to Mr. Maruyama, and hearing his ideologies, and field testing procedures, I now understand how Hammer-Head has outclassed so many other lures on the market.
This fishing trip footage, I hear will be available next year in gLEGENDh. I believe that you will be able to see how Mr. Okubo selects and moves his lures, as well as proper fighting techniques, and will be a great text book for many anglers around the word. The highlight of the trip, I would have to say was the scene where Mr. Okubo landed a 161cm BIG GT with depths of less than 4m.

I thank Mr. Okubo and Mr. Maruyama for their valuable advice during the trip, despite the fact that they had a busy filming schedule. We all managed to renew our records!! Thank you again.


Mr. Suga@GT PSV

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