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Sharapoa(proto type)
The sea is calm today and the biggest chance would be while it is still dark or dusk, so head down to the rocks at 5am. As soon as I get to the point, I rig up my Hammer-Head prototype lure (Sharapoa) and start checking the surface. I have been to this location many times and have a fair understanding of where the fish are most likely to be. As I cast to one of the likely places near a submerged rocks twitching the lure on the surface enacting bait fish, the Blackfin emerged out of the water attacking the gSharapoah lure with a huge gSplashh. As it was full-moon, I was able to see the whole drama and giving the fish a second or two, I hook it up!! Although I previously said a submerged rock, most of the section was out of the water and honestly I was a little worried. I hold the rod tip up high to give it as much angle as possible to avoid the rocks, while the fish furiously fights with an aerobatic show.
I reel in at this moment to avoid the rocks and managed to land it. Although it was a small fish, I believe it demonstrates the future possibilities of the lure.


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