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I went to the Maldives between the 30th Dec to 8th Jan, and would like to write up a brief summary.

From day 1, with strong winds and large swells, we could only go to the best location once. Despite this fact I was fortunate to land 31 GTs (70 to 80 GTs for the whole boat) with the largest being 30 to 35kg.

During the 4 days fishing, my tackle settings were simple with a #8 main line connected to a 130lb leader, mainly using the E-cup and C-cup lure. Both lures had great casting ability even in the head winds, and managed to land in the best points where other anglers could not reach, resulting in the number of GTs landed.

In addition, the strength, assembly, color and action of the Hammer-Head lures were amazing.

I need not to say, my friends were happy to help them selves to my Hammer-Head lures and with great results.

I would like to thank you, for personally giving me valuable advice and suggestions prior to my trip. The results would not have been without your help. Thank you again.


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