@Komodo island   Mr. Nishino@

I went to the Komodo island in Indoneasia from the 26th Feb to 1st March.

I also went last year but was not able to get expected results so I went to get revenge.
I initially chose the I-cup Rocket, and seemed to be right choice!
I was able to renew my record with this GT.
Next I was able to catch decent size GTfs with G-cup Short and the popping pencil.
As I was getting tired, I changed lures to C-cup and managed to hook-up a good size,
but unfortunately, I lost it at the last minute (could see the fish) as the hook broke.

After replacing the hook, I added a couple of Red-emperorfs and a small GT.
I then changed the lure to I-cup Short and landed a good size Barracuda and a GT.

I selected points where the currents were some what different,
but overall I believe that the good catches should be credited to the
Hammer-Head lures which produced constant popping.

I would like to use my trusted Hammer-Head lures again for my next fishing trip.
I coincidently bumped into Mr. Kozo Okubo at the airport on my way home,
and received valuable advice. Thank you very much.


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