@Amami-Oshima@ Mr. Hanada

From the 11th to 13th March, I was invited by Captain Fukui to investigate
additional fishing locations and enjoyed the GT game

Unfortunately, the weather was not kind with water temp low at around
20 degrees due to the low pressure system, wind gusting and big swells.

I was initially using the E-cup, but as the swell gradually increased,
I changed to the G-cup bonito color for greater appeal.
I was using the Smiths rod, GTK-77BG Keyolo during this trip and the rod
was a great match with the lure.
When I was thinking
gthe lure is grabbing the waves and darting under the surface greath,
a GT imidiately attacked my lure.
Although the size was not so great,
I was please to be able to land a fish under tough conditions.

I have a feeling that this lure will become another of my favorite lures.

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