@Amami-Oshima  Mr.@Mizumukai

Dear Hammer-Head

I went fishing on the Big Dipper boat in Amami from the 7th to 9th April.
During our trip, we were lucky with the weather, and at dusk and dawn
I landed a 31kg GT with the E-cup (tuna) when casting towards feeding fish.

On the 3rd day as well, I landed a 32kg GT with the E-cup (Silver/purple).
Other members who went with me also landed GTs so it was a very
enjoyable fishing trip.

I used the E-cup and G-cup during this trip and they are both very reliable
lures for me regarding the action and durability.

I would like to use Hammer-Head lures again for my next trip and hope to
catch a much larger fish.

Thank you very much.


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