@Okinawa    Mr. Kato


Dear Hammer-Head

I believe that GT poppers should allow for smooth and enjoyable popping.
When successfully popping, it feels great!
Not only is simple gpoph sound good, it is much better if it presents various sounds.
I believe that the G-cup creates great popping, in other words it is an enjoyable lure to use.
Before use, I hold him in the neck, and say to it glets pop pop today hey!h
On another note, I believe that easy popping is not only the positive aspect of the G-cup.
Itfs great in a sense that all G-cup lures create great popping.

In other words, all the lures are produced with high precision and consistency.
I do not have to worry when changing from one G-cup to another.
It will produce the same action.
This is the other reason I favor the G-cup.
So, in short, I managed to catch this GT by my enjoyable popping.
Although it was a pussy fight, after landing my friends hit me in the back to congratulate me.
This was also a great feeling and enjoyable fishing trip.

PS. My friend Mr. Tanaka also landed a fish using the popping G-cup.


Mr. Tanaka@@fs@QTkg@f-bto

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