I went off-shore of Amakusa to target Doradofs.
We had initially received information that pencil type lures were  effective recently, but the Sharapoa I used also produced amazing results!
The action which was effective during this trip was high speed twitching. The lure surfaced once in a while and caught air-bubbles in the cup and twitched below the surface with the air-bubbles clinging to the body of the lure.
Throughout the day, I only used 1 lure which was the Top-light-black color, and proved its strength and capability of appealing to the target even after typical pounding and pounding by the Dorado being landed. At the end of the day, I managed to land a nice size fish weighing over 30lb (too heavy for 30lb Boga-grip). It was so much fun, I hope to be able to go again this season.


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