@Mr. Yamasaki (Fukui)      Kochi prefecture Dorado

Dear Hammer-Head

I went Dorado fishing in Kochi.
It was a 2 day adventure, but unfortunately the situation was not so good
with only 2 fish over 10kg landed by 5 anglers.

It seemed that pencils with realistic colors were better than poppers,
with the fish only biting as a reaction.

During which, I wanted to land a 10kg over fish with my Sharapoa,
and was trying many different action patterns. There was a Sharapoa lover!!

The fish was exactly 10kg, and attacked my lure when I was popping with long strides
with bubbles clinging to the body.

5 of us casting away for 2 days and it was 1 of the 2 fish that were over 10kg.
The others were using pencil lures so I was happy that I was able to catch
this prized fish on my Sharapoa.

This trip its self was pretty tough, so I would like to take revenge in autumn again. .

When speaking of revenge, I hooked up a Blue-Fin Tuna in Shichiri with my Sharapoa,
but unfortunately it busted me off. So I would like to land the next one!!

Sharapoa has become a lure I cannot do without, so I would like to keep using it in the future.



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