■ Okinawa           Mr Jyumonji

This is KatsuoJyumonji from Okinawa.
I joined the GT special tour held in
Okinawa from the 6th – 8th April.
Strong Northerly winds were blowing and it was just like going back to Winter.
The water temperature was low and we were off to a bad start of the GT special tour.
I used my favorite Hammer-Head G-Cup lure and managed to get bites on the first and second day, but was not able to hook up.

On the final day, both wind, rain strengthened causing large swells.
Here we saw the real potential of Hammer-Head.
The pop sound in the strong winds and sufficient appeal in the rough waters!!

Then a GT hit! I was able to catch one on the final day even in the tough conditions.
The color was Low-light pink! 20kg GT! Thanks to everyone who joined the tour and thanks to Hammer-Head!!

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