■ Okinawa           Mr. Kaya (Hiroshima)

This is Kaya from Hiroshima. I joined the GT special tour in Okinawa
held from the 6th – 8th April.

This was my first challenge to fish for a Domestic GT,
but I managed to land a 30kg GT at the first point within 20 minutes we started fishing.

The lure I used was the Forb G-Cup new color, Orange head!
Although I only have 2 years GT fishing experience, since starting to use the Hammer-Head products, my fishing has been very productive.

I would like to use Hammer-Head lures in the future as well to catch that bigger GT.
I would like to thank Mr. Kozo Okubo, others who joined the tour and Yosemiya Fishing Center for all their support during the trip.

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