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I went to Palau from the 16th to 18th April to fish for Sailfish and GTs.
I ordered the C-Cup from the shop I usually go to, but I was told that they were soldout
and there were no stock at the manufacturer either,
so I called numerous shops and managed to get 2.

Thanks to those 2, I was able to catch a nice size sailfish.
It is a new record sailfish caught by casting for Palau.  

Although I was not able to get a big GT, I believe the C-Cup size was perfect for Palau.
During this kind of season, we are able to see feeding birds here and there.
The A-Cup was perfect for this and I hooked up numerous Yellow-Fin Tuna ranging fro 20-25kg.
However there was also a large presence of sharks, and out of 7 fish hooked up,
5 ended up as shark bait.

I ended up loosing the 6 C-Cups I took with me to the sharks, but had I had more,
I believe I would have caught endless amounts. I used the GTK74PG to keep it as fun as possible.
If there were less sharks, the set up would have been perfect.

Either way, the A-Cup was perfect for Tuna. Maybe it is due to the parallel floating posture.

It is a bit early but the off-shore fishing in Sagami bay will come into season with the
Doradofs, Tuna and Yellow-tails. I will use these lures for that.

Here is the tackle I used for GT and Sailfish fishing:
Smith@ GTK-77BG
Stella@ 20000PG
PE #8
Shock leader: 170lb
C-Cup (23)

This tackle might be a little over board for Palau, however I hooked up at a super shallow area
once and was only able to land this fish by full-locking the reel.
I was going to use the 74PG for the sailfish, however as I lost my last A-Cup to a shark before
and had little time to re do my line system, as a sailfish jumped, I used this rod. In a way,
I was lucky to have used this tackle as it would have been difficult to hook up with the
A-Cup size hooks and the hook I was using even stretched somewhat. It was a big sailfish!

Yellow-Fin Tuna tackle:
Smith @GTK74PG
Stella @8000H
PE #5
Shock leader: 100lb
A-Cup (Sardine, Black, Hair-tail)

This was the tackle I usually use for Sailfish,
however it was perfect for Yellow-fin tuna. It was great.

This tackle would be ok for Rompin, however as the fish are big here,
it would probably pay off to have a stronger tackle for
As for the GT, the average is not that big so A-Cup is also fine.
Also, as there are more and more female GT anglers, this will also be good.

Excluding GTs, I caught Sailfish, Blue-Fin Trevally, Barracuda,
Yellow-Fin Tuna, and Sharks with the A-Cup and C-cup.

Thanks again.

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