@Tanegashima, @Mr. Tanaka@

I went GT fishing in July after the Typhoons passed.
The first day was perfect conditions.
I wanted to experience the bite scene so I used the E-cup Blue/Silver which I caught my 20kg Yellow-Fin Tuna.

I had a bite and after hooking up a few times, the line snapped.

So I prepared my line-system again and used the Popping Pencil Blue/silver this time.
I was popping it slowly and I got my second bite of the day.

I wasn't able to control the power of the GT, and before I could set the hook, it hooked off.
When retrieving that lure that I hooked off, another GT attacked it!!
I was able to catch this fish without it taking any line.
Although small at 15kg, it was my first so I was overwhelmed.

I really liked the action and posture of the lure, so I continued using this lure through out the day and was able to get 8 bites.
But with hooks breaking and unsuccessful hook setting, I could not catch another.
Although the lure is damaged after being in the field, I would like to repair it and use it again.

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