@Tanegashima, @Mr. Maeda@

Actual weight, 50kg over GT caught on C-Cup color (36)

I upsized the front hook to a Decoy 7/0 hook as I was worried about the hook snapping,
but it did not affect the action of the popper.
After this fish, caught another with the C-Cup, and 2 others with the E-Cup.
I am impressed with the flight posture, how it stays in the water, and the strength of the lure.
I look forward to further developments in your lure building.
Thank you for the great lures.

Mr. Hatada's first GT, weighing 34kg caught on the E-Cup color (03)

Double catch! Mr. Maeda with the E-Cup (26)
and Mr. Hatada with the Tobi169 (26)

Caught on the C-Cup color 36 (front hook 7/0).

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