@Pier GT, @Jerremy (Kumamoto)

Actual weight; 45kg caught on E-Cup HATO-SP (prototype)

I apologize for my delayed correspondence.
Attached, please find the results of my 2007 pier season.
The conditions were really tough this year, but I was able to land 5 GTs in total.
It seemed that the same school of fish were in and they were not only spooked,
but the fish were actually very far from the pier.
I believe that the results were achieved by ones castability and action.
The biggest was caught on the E-Cup HATO-SP and the others were mostly caught
on the E-Cup and G-Cup.
I look forward to your continued quality of products!!

Actual weight 27kg caught on the G-Cup

Actual weight 21kg caught on the E-Cup HATO-SP (prototype)

12kg caught on the E-Cup

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