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Mr. Yamazaki, Caught on Tobi 69 Yellow-Fin tuna color (36)

Dear Hammer-Head
This is Yamazaki from Fukui. I went to Rompin to target Sailfish.
The word of mouth was that this season was not so good.
I was worried at the beginning as it was my first time to target Sailfish by casting,
but on the first day, I was able to land one with the Tobi! It was my first fish with a bill,
and was overwhelming. The "panic" action of the Tobi was great.
Surprisingly, leaving it still also worked great as well.
I tried on different weight hooks with Tobi, Sharapoa, and A-Cup.
I was able to find another trustworthy lure out of your products again.
Its like peering into my Toybox.
I look forward to more toys!!

Caught on Tobi 69 Yellow-Fin tuna color (36)

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