I was invited by Mr. Yamashita from Amakusa to join the 9th annual Mahimahi cup.
It had been a long while since targeting Mahimahi.

When departing the port, the weather seemed a little doggy.

We look for birds feeding, bait-fish, or floating objects on the surface of the water for Mahimahi.

A small one caught by a guy on the boat.

After a while, I land a few but the only seem to be small sizes up to 80cm

9am we have come a fair distance from shore where we find birds feeding on the bait-ball.
I hooked up a nice Mahimahi after casting near the bait-ball.

An OK size male Mahimahi was 109cm. The biggest one I caught on the day.

I tested the A-cup metallic color during this trip.
A-cup (Metallic) Decoy SW BIG 4/0~2

A little difficult to see, but this was the bait-ball.
The bait seemed to be Sardines.

We had to be back at port by noon so we stop fishing at 11am

The judges measuring the Mahimahi.

Over all, it was a tough condition, with about 8 fish over 1m.

The first 3 anglers all had the same length of 111cm.

Unfortunately I came 4th with 109cm.

43 competitive anglers.

My tackle.

A-cup (Hairtail) prototype
A-cup (metallic) prototype

I believe that a size smaller for tough conditions would be better so I decided to develop a smaller one.
I would like to test it on my next trip.

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