I joined the students from Human Academy for their Field excursion as a assistant teacher.

It was a great opportunity to test out the new lure targeting Yellow-fin.
During the morning of arrival, I board Nanpuumaru for casting,
but the current wasnft moving, and worst conditions one can imagine.

I took the shore-group students to patrol the shores the next day.

A dramatic bite scene on the reef edge was a Blue-fin travally.
Sharapoa (prototype)

It was under tough conditions, so it was a valuable fish.

One of the students caught a Blue-fin travally on a jig as well.

BBQ with the students infront of the island gym.

Full course of Dogtooth tuna. (captain Ito recommendation)

I board the boat again on the final day for half a day, but no action on the surface. I play with Dogtooth tuna with jigs.

I didnft get to know the students that much but it was a valuable trip for me.
Thanks to all the students.

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