I received a call from Jerremy who was planning a trip to a certain island in Amakusa to target seabass,
so I went along to test out SHARAPOA and Jr.

5AM when we arrived at the port, I had a bad feeling, as the wind which had been gusting
North Westerly the previous day had dropped.
The sea was clam as a pond.

With the given conditions, we approached with top water plugs and minnows where there is
slight white wash were the fish tend to feed, but to no avail.

So I tried casting for Blue-runners, but there was action here as well.

Super clam waters.

Days like this, best to leave early.
Drained after walking the rockscc.

Stressed from the previous fishing trip, I went with Mr. Hachiya and Mr. Hirata to a certain place in Kagoshima.

This time, it was super rough.
Plenty of white wash, but one could say that it was too rough.

First of all, I check out the situation with top water lures, and cast the SHARAPOA.
I get 4 to 5 bites, but had difficulty hooking upc
So I change to a minnow and managed to hook up!

I caught the first one of the day. Baby seabass.

Mr. Hiratafs seabass.
A few others were caught afterwards.
Overall, the size of the fish caught were small.

The wind picked up so we changed points.

It seemed like a good place, but no fish present this day.

I am hoping to develop a top water lure to target seabass in the near future.
Possibly next year.

Lures used:

SHARAPOA Jr. (prototype)
Sarana etc.


Ripple fisher: Desire 116
Shimano: SW 4000HG
Duel: X-wire 22lb
Leader: Nylon 30lb

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