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At the end of August, I receive a call from Mr. Tsurusaki gFCLLABOh saying,
gwhy donft we go dorado fishing for a change?h.

As SharapoaChibi had just been completed, I went to Nobeoka to target the doradofs.

The size of the doradofs in the East China Sea during this season is small,
however, probably due to the Black current, there are many massive doradofs.

Mr. Matsuoka caught a nice size as soon as we started fishing.
Caught on SharapoaChibi (sardine).
I hooked up a same size fish, but was not able to gaff it successfully and hooked off.

A good size hooked up by Mr. Tsurusaki!

Wow! Nice size.
Unlike the usual Doradofs, this one was very quiet.

Mr. Tsurusaki caught the largest fish during this trip!
Caught on SharapoaChibi (Hair-tail).

In the mean time, I was fighting a fish and looking elsewhere.

Like that!
Caught on SharapoaChibi (Hair-tail).

Mr. Matsuoka hooked up!

Consecutive big doradofs for Mr. Matsuoka.
Caught on SharapoaChibi (Sardine).

As there were numerous tiny size doradofs, I rigged up an A-Cup to target only the large ones.
Unfortunately, it was a female medium size fish.
Caught on Forb A-Cup (Bonito).

We landed approx 15 fish which were over 1m during this trip.
There were a scary amount of tiny ones.
It looked like the doradofs were picky with the size of lures and the bite rate with the
A-Cup was 1/10 compared to the SharapoaChibi.

I tried using the (normal size) Sharapoa, but the bites were far more with the Chibi.

Its great to go dorado fishing once in a while!!

writer @Yoshio Maruyama

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