QOOU/PO/PV`QP @KOMODO @@Yoshio Maruyama

I went to Komodo islands in Indonesia for the second time this year.
I was accompanied by Mr. Sugiyama who I have been fishing a lot with recently

As the trip was a last minute arrangement, we almost could not get on the domestic flight from Indonesia,
but managed to get on the small air-craft.

Like this plane here which fits approx 20 passengers. I was somewhat relieved as it was a new plane.
The flight also seemed to be shorter by 20~30 minutes

The control room. Thatfs allc.

This trip I focused on testing the new gShakureh. Average size.

Caught on gShakureh

Good size caughtc. But probably only 20kg+c
Caught on gShakureh

Also caught on the gShakureh.
The size between 10 to 15kg was what we caught the most this time.

Caught on gIkapenh from FCLLABO produced by Mr. Tsurusaki.

Blue-fin Trevally caught on the Dragon (prototype) by Mr. Sugiyama.

Seen from the measuring.
Our objective for the trip was 160cm over fishccbut not nearly enoughc

Mr. Sugiyama hooked-up at a difficult point.

Successfully landed a good size. Caught on the G-Cup (36)

Caught on gShakureh

This was my biggest for the trip, caught on gShakureh.

We decided to leave the 160cm+ fish for the next fishing trip.

During this fishing trip, supprizingly we did not get any bites from monster fish, and were all small.
It was also my impression that the bite numbers were less than usual.
At the end, approx 40 GTfs were caught during the 2 and half days of fishing. Our catch rate was high.

gShakureh has come to the final stages of the development.
A few more minor modifications and it will be ready for release.

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