May 2007, Okinawa  Mr. Manabu Maeda

As my friend bought a new boat, the 4 of us were invited to go GT fishing in the northern area of Okinawa.
I started my GT game with the I-Cup short and Popping pencil.
One of the anglers got a bite with a swimming type lure, but was not able to hook up.
I thought that "I'm next", but to no avail.

During which, one of our friends, Aki was playing with the Sharapoa,
and managed to hookup and land a Dorado. Congratulations!
Another Okinawan Hammer-Head freak born.
We moved locations to where the current was gushing and small waves were slashing on the surface.  
I casted the Popping pencil and managed to hookup on the first cast.
Although I had a back ache, I managed to catch a 36kg GT. Caught on popping pencil.

I managed to catch a 36kg GT. Caught on popping pencil.
I was able to realize the potential of Hammer-Head lures in these tough conditions.

We further moved to an area where it was a little scary with a 26ft boat.
We drifted the boat along the reef and the D-Cup (prototype) casted by the
Original Hammer-Head freak was attacked by a huge GT.
The rod tip went in and the fight was about to start when it hooked off.....
When she retrieved the lure, the hook was tangled with the line
but evidence of the GT bite was left on the lure.
Super unlucky girl...
At the last location, the current was hitting the submerged rocks and a nice line of water running.
We stopped the engine of the boat and started casting.
On the first pass, a small splash was evident, but no hook up on a swimming type lure.
While the others were changing their lures to swimming type lures, ogidou and I stuck with the poppers.
2nd pass, 3rd pass, nothing happened...
on the 4th pass, we approached the submerged rock from a little more distance.
There was some commotion at the bow of the boat, who were using swimming type lures,
and when we were about to give up, a GT attacked Ogidou's D-Cup!!

She hooked up and landed a 30kg GT!!

After we landed this fish, it was time up. Caught on the D-Cup (prototype)
In total, we caught 2 GT's and 1 Dorado. As you may have noticed, all the fish caught were made by Hammer-Head.
I will be sure to continue casting your lures!!
Mr. Manabu Maeda

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