July 2007, Miyazaki Dorado@@@Yoshio Maruyama

I went to Miyazaki again this year for Dorado fishing.
Apparently, the conditions are tough this year due to the heavy rain and the resulting water quality, limiting the number of Dorado's.
This time, I brought Mr. Staff to experience the field. "in order to make good products,
one must understand what is needed in the field".
Looking out for Mr. staff, I was testing "Shakure rotor" diving type (DV) lure for the first time.

As we were informed, there was little fish in the beginning.
As we got further away from shore, and the water quality improved, a few fish started to appear.
A few of the anglers started to catch some small ones.
I was lecturing Mr. Staff at the stern but he was having some difficulty hooking up. 
He finally managed to hookup.

Struggling with the strength of the fish from the sea, he was able to land the fish. Congratulations!
His first Dorado was easily bigger than 1m and was the biggest of the day.
Caught on Sharapoa Chibi (pink head 08).
There were many baby amberjacks at the FAD's and attacked the Sharapoa Chibi furiously.

Caught on Sharapoa Chibi (Chart s09).
Recently natural looking shapes and colors are popular, but I personally like the "appeal" type colors.
It is fun to fish! and a grown mans toy!!

Mr. Oyabu also caught a baby amberjack with the Sharapoa Chibi.

Mr. Staff with another good size Dorado.
Caught on Sharapoa Chibi (S02)
Mr. Staff caught the most with 10 catches. He also caught the biggest. Congrat's.
I played with a few Dorado's and conducted numerous successful tests. Relaxing in the shade most of the time afterwards.
Hope to play with some Dorado's next year as well.

LURE : Shakure DV (Prototype)
ROD : Hammer-Head 77GT (prototype)

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