2007 Oct. Tanegashima, Yoshio Maruyama

The trip was only planned a day before departure again.
The tip was to be 2 days and a half.
Mr. Arai, Mr. Kawakami, and my self (Yoshio Maruyama).

After setting our tackle, we departed port after lunch.
Plenty of swell resulted in poor water clarity, which means bad results.
However, the captain managed to find a location with clear water, providing Mr. Arai with 2 bites.
But these didn't hookup. After a while,
Mr. Kawakami finally got a bite. It looked huge and it took out plenty of line.
As it took so much line, we tried to increase the drag to stop the fish, but it was too late.
The drag seemed to be broken on the S company spool which was attached to the D company reel.

Following his mishap, he managed to hook up another.
Although the fish went to the other side of the boat by diving, he let the line free and managed to land the fish on the other side of the boat.
Congratulations on your black GT.
E-Cup Low light orange (9F)

2nd day, the waves seemed to be bigger than the first day.
We started fishing with our time limit till lunch, but the water was murky everywhere.
Without realizing it was 11am without a single bite.
We have one last area left prior to returning to port.
The captain did about 5 passes but no bites with time to our flight running out fast.
We ask the captain for 1 last pass. I had a feeling that the fish were in the shallow area.
The captain positioned the boat as I requested. I was desperate for Mr. Arai to catch a Tanegashima GT.

The boats bow was approaching the point at 2 knots with a sudden down pour.
I was hoping that a GT would bite either Mr. Arai's or Mr. Kawakami's lure who was casting at the bow, but unfortunately it attacked my lure casted from the stern.
After hookup, it ran with Mack speed towards the rocks. GTs have amazing power at these instances.
I quickly moved to the bow while tightening the drag and managed to stop the fish, but it was still at a dangerous area. The boat supported me and managed to catch the fish.

I'm Sorry Mr. Arai and Thank you GT.
Caught on E-Cup all pink (41)
Rod: HammerHead Faube 77H (prototype)

As soon as I landed the fish, the heavy rain stopped....

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