2008 May 30 ~ June 1st. Tanegashima GT. Yoshio Maruyama

This was my 2nd trip to Tanegashima this year.
Although there was considerable swell left from the typhoon the day before, we decided to go.
The waves calmed much faster than the forcast and we were able to go fishing.

On the second pass, Mr. Yamashita got a bite!

The final lift. When one is at the final stages of landing the fish, it is best to have the rod under the arm-pit. This allows the angler to deal with sudden movements of the fish, and prevents breakage or injury when large fish suddenly turn.

Also its probably best to guide the fish into the net with the leader wound into the reel.
The captian landing the fish.

Caught on the E-Cup Yellow-fin-tuna color.

We all help to speed the process up!

Mr. Yamashita with the 27kg GT.
Caught on the E-Cup Yellow-fin-tuna.

Release, with the eyes on the camera.

With the good start, we were hoping that it would continue, but it wasn't as simple as we thought.

Mr. Hachiya got a vitious bite but it was a shark.
Luckly the lure floated to the surface.

This was the last bite of the day.

During the morning of the second day, no one got a bite. I couldn't even get a bite on the inchiku.
No current movement...

At dawn, Mr. Arai got a bite but no hook up....

Mr. Arai's casting.
I was only able to catch 2 corral trouts...... Then the day ended....

On the final day, the weather had improved significantly.
Mr. Arai's casting.

After a while Mr. Miyamoto hooked up, but as it was his first challenge GT fishing, he was busted off the rocks

On the next pass, Mr. Hachiya hooked up.

It surfaced in no time.

Congratulations Mr. Hachiya! 20kg GT.


Mr. Arai hook-up!

Landed! What the......

Wow! A super size Green Jobfish.
It tipped the scales at 18kg.
Congratulations Mr. Arai!?

Another cut. This is the biggest Green Jobfish I have ever seen.

There were no more bites after this fish and our GT tour came to an end.
I only caught small corral trout....

The rod test during this trip was conducted on the new blank which was developed based on our previous data.
I damaged my leg again during the last trip so I was not able to do any GT fishing.
To test for strength, I tried live-baiting but sharks didn't even want to bite.
I hope to test this on my next trip.

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