Concept of FAUBE series

The development concept for our Faube rod series was to be able to use our Faube popper
confortably and to bring out its true potential.
At first, your impression of the rod might be "stiff", but once you hook-up a fish, it bends nicely.

As the blank has a lot of kick, the distance one casts will be dependant on howmuch power one is able to produce.
In addition, there is little wobbling in the tip, thus has a sharp feeling to it.
The rod its self is also light, allowing the angler to cast all day.
As our poppers have a large diameter to appeal to the predetors in the deep, it is somewhat tiring to pop.
However our rod will allow easier popping with shorter strokes.

For the actual fight, the rod bends nicely from the tip to the butt,
though the blank its self having a high lifting power, is a very user friendly rod.
For those who can bring out the rods potential (rod angle 45~60 degrees) lifting power,
they will be able to surface the fish easily.




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Cautions of handling of HAMMERHEAD products !! 

1)      Do not use for purposes other than fishing.

2)      Please store where children cannot reach.

3)      When casting the lure, please be sure to check your surroundings.

4)      The hooks are sharp. Please be careful when handling.

5)     Please do not store in hot/humid environment. It may be subject to deformation..

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